Friday, August 29, 2014

Upcoming Semester

We're working this semester to get the app ready for the hackathon being held here in November.  That means major progress needs to be made on the android app, and I need to finish up iOS.  All this and tying the apps and web front end in with the backend changes that will come this semester (like using cookies for login, instead of a body-held token) will take a lot of work.  We're looking for an Android programmer, which I was approached about today and a front-end dev who can work with the bootstrap framework we're using (Josh/Wyler can confirm what exactly is going on for frameworks there).

We need this to basically be ready for the big beta test at the Hackathon.  We need to be doing testing before then.  So this means we need to be done with the apps specifically before November.  We need an android dev who can pick up the existing code and get it done really quickly.  We need basically everything done besides form creation.  We need data communication with the server, we need communication with the google/youtube apis, both through JSON and HTTP requests.  This may not be the best project for an inexperienced programmer.

Things up ahead this semester for features:

  • Change login over to cookies
  • Finish joining other parties functionality
  • Complete Android over-haul specifically
  • Getting our product closer to shipping by fixing bugs and optimizing existing code
  • Publishing in the app store(?)
We definitely need help to get this going.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Android update

I'm not going to lie, working with Android is a nightmare. The IDE Google provides is barely functional, the toolchain used to build the application is temperamental at best, and the ADT in general just shoves everything that Java does wrong down your throat. I've made progress, just very little. This project has been mostly a learning experience with a new platform that I can honestly say I've come to hate. If there are any experienced developers that want to take over the reins on this project, shoot me an email at

The progress I have made includes sanitizing the user's input, a semi-functional login, and an updated UI. Though if someone does decide to take over this project, I'd love to be able to finish the artwork for it, since that's really what I wanted to do originally anyway. If not, I'll do my best to crunch out something that at least works by November for the hackathon.