Tuesday, April 21, 2015


We plan to release 1.1 this semester for revisions and 2.0 in the Fall.  2.0 will be a full redesign looks wise so we won't be releasing any logo or color or general looks revisions until.  However, we have lots of other changes and features and those are getting pushed at will, so keep an eye out for that!

More to come,

Saturday, April 18, 2015


iOS for MeNext is moving slow and steady whenever I have time.  I'm going to be putting in some solid work this week on it and hopefully getting close to a finished application ready for a 2.0 update soon.  The app generally looks beautiful and I'm making solid progress, I just have a lot to do.  Theo is specifically trying to work out a new logo and so once we get that together, I will probably be ready to push out a 2.0 update and it can go all in one swing with the product's make over!

MeNext will be looking better than ever very soon.


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rethinking the Party Page

As it currently stands, MeNext is quite a solid product. The web app is fully functional, there are applications available for multiple platforms, and the app has been well received so far.

So, the question remains, what next? I believe that there are a lot that can be done to improve the web app's user experience. The party page currently has only one definitive layout with minor component tweaks based on who's accessing the page for any particular party. I think that, with different people using the page in different ways, the page should be laid out differently for each use case.

Look for changes to the site user experience soon!

Use case 1: the player view

This is the computer that is playing the music, usually while connected to a projector. This view prioritizes the video player, as this is the primary purpose of the view. Beneath the video player, party details (such as the title, description, picture, and upcoming songs) are displayed to keep the viewers informed. The upcoming songs list is live updated with the next three songs, based on the vote counts.

The player view

Use case 2: the party creator / moderator view

The creator view has been slightly reorganized to provide the creator or moderator with a bird's eye view of all aspects of the party. The name, description, are modifiable just by clicking on the existing field. The middle of the sidebar is for changing other settings of the party. The bottom of the sidebar shows the party member list and allows the creator or moderator to invite people to the party. The main frame of the window shows the current list of upcoming songs, ordered by vote. The voting buttons and the remove button are present for easy moderation of songs. The song search box is pinned to the bottom along with a new 'Quick Add' button, which automatically adds the first result to the playlist (in a similar vain to Google's 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button).

The creator & moderator view

Use case 3: the party member view

The view for standard members of a party is still being worked on and refined. The general structure of the page will be similar to what is currently present; however, we are working to ensure that all screen space is used efficiently.