Wednesday, June 25, 2014

6/25 Mobile Update

On the Mobile end of things, the iPhone interface and base has been laid (with some code universal for iPad, but that will come later).  My current task is to implement Youtube API and MeNext API stuff for iPhone as well as a formal login procedure.  Android is coming along as well, with the same tasks.  Emmett has been working mostly on updating the graphics for the project, so expect new graphics soon.

Here's an early prototype for the login screen on iOS!  (Don't worry, Emmett fixed the colors!)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Web update: 6/17/2014

Hopping on the project has been pretty easy, the existing code is easy to understand, and making changes is not hard at all. I've started with cleaning up the login page, and it is at a point that I'm happy with at the current time; maybe in the future I will go back and fix some more things, but in the meantime I will be starting work on the main page, which is almost entirely the song queue for all users.

The current color scheme is a purple and gold and could use some tweaking (please send feedback), but currently it gets the idea across. Beyond that I'll be looking into improvements for the youtube player and possibly attempt to add soundcloud, vimeo, or some other media base to the project.


(Blog updates will be coming more frequently)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Mobile Update: 6/6/14

Emmett and I are both approaching the end of our respective tutorials.  This means the beginning of next week, the foundations of the iOS app will be started and the Android code will probably be getting a much needed cleaning.  On top of that, Android JSON and API stuff is up next.

As far as iOS knowledge gained, today I wrote an example app to allow for the tapping of a table cell to display a photo, and then for that to have a details button to transition to information about the photos, all with transitions and full images.  Looking ready to get started very soon.  Objective-C is awesome and I love developing for iOS so far.