Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mobile Update: Summer

Since writing our original summer Proposal, Emmett and I have discussed revisions.  We're dropping Windows phone.  The customer base to work ratio is just too low.  We'll be focusing on Android and iOS.  I'll be handing off Android to Emmett, for the most part and I'll be taking care of iOS, for the most part.  I say for the most part, because we plan to be collaborating regardless of platform, and we figure we'll mix more so we can get two minds on each platform.  Emmett's primary task at the moment is picking up Android and learning JSON (so he can help me with it, since I have no idea what I'm doing in the realm of JSON) and my primary task is iOS and Objective-C educational tutorials from  I'm almost through Objective-C (it's not that bad, thank you Data Structures) and I'll be going back to the iOS specific stuff soon.

Should be a good summer, I'm happy to be starting something like this.  I think there is more work with just these two platforms than we originally anticipated, and there will be more than enough for two people throughout the Summer.

On the side of the non-mobile devs, I know Josh (and maybe others) is working on the API documentation for interfacing with the server through JSON.  By the time we get that, Emmett should be up to speed on Android and he'll hopefully be able to implement that without much pause in-between.

Emmett will also be doing any graphics work and presentation work for the project, since he's a design and presentation god.  Going from the only mobile dev to having someone to bounce ideas off of and discuss the fine points of development (JSON in Android, for example) will be a much less frustrating endeavor.